Kosher Symbols

The following symbols can be found on food products and certain non-food items like soaps, etc. Each certifying organization carefully inspects the ingredients, machinery and processing methods to make sure no unclean animals, as stated in Leviticus 11 & Deuteronomy 14, are used. It is not possible to simply read the ingredients to determine if a product is Scripturally clean. While the ingredient label may not list an unclean ingredient, that does not mean an unclean animal by-product was not used in the processing. For example, if a product lists “natural flavour” as an ingredient, the flavour could be derived from cats, whales, beavers, etc. Those animals are indeed “natural,” but they are not kosher (Scripturally clean). If, however, “natural flavours” is listed, but there is a kosher symbol on the item, it would mean the natural flavour was not from an unclean source.

The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations


The Organized Kashrus Laboratories


Star-K Kosher Certification




KOF-K Kosher Supervision


The Heart “K” Kehila Kosher


The “RCC” Community Kashrus Division of the Rabbinical Council of California


Vaad Harabanim of Greater Seattle


Kosher Supervision of America


Vaad Hoeir of Saint Louis


The Vaad Hakashrus of Denver


The Texas K & International Kosher Supervision & the Chicago Rabbinical Council have merged into one company.


Vaad Hakashrus of Dallas – The “DK”


K’hal adath Jeshurun (Breuer’s)


Atlanta Kashruth Commission


National Kashrut


The “MK” Manchester Beth Din


Montreal Vaad Hair


Vaad Hakashrus of Massachusetts


Kashruth Council of Toronto


Tri-State Kashruth, Vaad Hoer of Cincinnati




Vaad HaRaBONIM of Florida


Orthodox Vaad of Philadelphia


The California “K” Kehilla Kosher (Igud Hakashrus of Los Angeles)


Rabbinical Council of Orange County & Long Beach


Vaad HaKashrus of the Five Towns


Rabbinic Administrator of Upper Midwest Kashrut


The “K-COR” Vaad Harabonim of Greater Detroit & Merkaz


The “Sefer Torah-Kasher” The Vaad Harabbonim of Flatbush


Bais Din of Crown Heights


Kashruth of The Central Rabbinical Congress


Orthodox Rabbinical Council of British Columbia


aGUDaH The Beth Din Zedek of agudath Israel


The London Beth Din Court of the Chief Rabbi


KEDaSSIa Kedassia, The Joint Kashrus Committee of England


Glatt Kosher &endash; Nevei Achiezer


Bais Din Tzedek of the Eida Hachareidis of Jerusalem


BELZ The Bais Din Tzdek of K’hal Machzikei Hadas


Rabbi Moshe Y.L.Landa(Ravof Bnei-Brak)


Rabbi Nuchem Efraim (Noam) & Teitelbaum (Volver Rav)


Rabbi Shlomo Stern (Debraciner Rav)


Rabbi M. Weissmandl (Rav of Nitra-Monsey)


H.K.K. Kosher Certification Service of Hong Kong>


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