The Book of Revelation – Part 5

The Second Coming Of Yeshua the Messiah

A major mistake was made by people who lived during Yeshua’s earthly ministry. When studying the prophetic scriptures concerning the coming of Messiah they erroneously grouped them all into only one coming. They did not understand that Messiah had to come first as a suffering servant and again as King. When Messiah finally appeared on the scene, working miracles in the eyes of the people, they intended to make him a king right then (John 6:14,15). He was eventually rejected because he did not fit the description of the Messiah they had envisioned. The same mistake is being made by those awaiting Messiah today. They are expecting him to return to resurrect the dead and, simultaneously, transform the living into spirit beings without having to die a physical death. They believe that he only returns once to accomplish this and establish the kingdom on earth. When Yeshua finally does return to resurrect the dead and then returns to heaven without the living, the faith of many may be destroyed.

One reference to Yeshua’s coming to set up the Kingdom is found in Rev 16:15-16, “Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watches, and keeps his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame. And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.” Messiah shall come suddenly, without warning, sometime after the start of the battle of Armageddon. These verses occur after the sixth vial or sixth of the seven last plagues is poured out. However, we know that Messiah also returns at the sound of the seventh trumpet that is blown before any of the seven vials are poured out. Therefore, we see two separate returns to earth.

The following scriptures all pertain to Yeshua’s coming to resurrect the dead in him:

Mt 24:29-31 – Verse 29 is fulfilled during the sixth seal of Rev  6:13. The “powers of the heavens” (world governments) will be shaken as a result of the six trumpets of Revelation. Then the seventh trumpet will sound signaling the resurrection of the dead in verse 31. At that time, the tribes of the earth shall mourn and see the Son of Man coming. What does that mean and who are these tribes? The word “tribe” in Greek is “phule” and it is used only in reference to the tribes of Israel. All the tribes of Israel throughout the earth will see this event and mourn.

Zech 12:10-12 – The location of this sighting will especially takes place over Jerusalem, Israel. Note that it is the inhabitants of Jerusalem that pierced Yeshua. That will help us to understand the next scripture.

Rev 1:7 – “Every eye” does not mean every person in the world will see Yeshua’s coming but every eye that YHWH allows to see it. This event is not something that the world shall see. The Greek word that was translated “see” in this verse is “optomai.” “It denotes, not the action of seeing, but the state of him, and the affection of the mind of him to whose eye or mind the object is presented, to truly comprehend and know.” ‘A Critical Lexicon and Concordance to the English and Greek New Testament’ by Ethelbert W. Bullinger, Zondervan, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1975.

Yahweh will allow certain people, especially the tribes of Israel, to behold the return of Yeshua. Yahweh allowed the servant of Elisha to see the horses and chariots of fire surrounding the city in 2 Kgs 6:17. If Yahweh did not allow him to see the chariots, he would not have seen them. Yahweh will not allow the wicked to see the return of His Son. Yeshua was never seen by the world after his resurrection. He was only seen by his brethren.

John 14:19,22,23 – Why won’t the world see Yeshua again? Because they do not love him, nor do they look for him to return.

Heb 9:28 – The word “appear” is “optomai” which we saw in Rev  1:7. This verse means he will be seen only by those who look for him to appear. The world will not be looking for him and therefore, will not see him. In Rev 1:7 the phrase, “he comes with clouds”, is used. It means that Messiah’s return will be hidden from the world by clouds. This can be seen more clearly in the next reference.

Acts 1:9-12 – Yeshua’s return will be in like manner as his ascension. Since he ascended from the Mount of Olives he should return there as well. That is why every eye in Jerusalem will see him. Notice, in verse 9, that part of his ascension was obscured or hidden by clouds. Messiah’s return will also be hidden by clouds except to those who love him and look for his return. Though the Israelites didn’t accept him during his ministry on earth they are still looking for their Messiah to come and will therefore see him.

Acts 10:40,41 – The phrase, “showed him openly” is translated “permitted him to be manifest” in the Emphatic Diaglott. Yahweh chose certain people to see Yeshua after his resurrection. He would not allow just anyone to see him.

The evidence is overwhelming that Yeshua will return at the sounding of the seventh trumpet, unseen by the world, to resurrect the dead saints and that this event takes place prior to his return to establish the Kingdom of Yahweh on earth. This view is not to be equated with the secret rapture doctrine that includes living saints ascending into heaven without first dying a physical death.

Let us resume where we left off in Rev 12:6. During the resurrection, as the saints are being caught up to Yahweh’s throne in heaven, a great war takes place unseen by the world. Satan and his angels do all they can to prevent the resurrected saints from reaching their destination, but are confronted by Michael and his angels. Michael prevails and Satan is cast out of heaven (vs.9). He no longer has access to heaven as he did from the creation of man, through the time of Job, until the resurrection.

This casting out of Satan was spoken of by Yeshua in Lu  10:18, “And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.” Here he speaks prophetically of a future time in which Satan falls as lightning from heaven. Again, in John 12:31, Yeshua speaks prophetically of Satan, the prince of the world, being cast out (of heaven). Until Rev 12:9, Satan had access to Yahweh’s throne to accuse the brethren. He is the prosecuting attorney in this great courtroom drama. Yeshua is the defending lawyer or our mediator and advocate. Yahweh is the judge. Once the saints are found or judged innocent through Yeshua’s blood and are given eternal life through the resurrection, there is no longer a need for the prosecuting attorney. The verdict is in; the Adversary has lost the case and must be forcefully thrown out of the courtroom (heaven).

After Satan is cast down, his anger is at its peak for he knows he only has a short time left (seven years). Notice in Rev 12:12 the word “woe.” This refers to the third and final woe that began at the sounding of the seventh trumpet proving that Rev.12 is not fulfilled at Messiah’s birth or resurrection.

Upon being cast out Satan pursues the woman who brought forth the child. The woman is not persecuted at this time as the KJV states, only “pursued” according to the Greek. For 3 1/2 years she is nourished and protected from the dragon. This nourishment or feeding is a spiritual meal in which the saints that were alive and remained at the coming of Messiah are taught the true gospel in preparation to go out and preach the gospel to the whole world, paving the way for the end to come (Rev 12:14; Mt 24:14).

Rev 12:17 mentions “the remnant of her seed.” The woman gave birth in verse 5. Those saints who were born (again – John 3:7), or resurrected, returned to heaven with the Master, Michael, and his angels. However, there is a remnant of her seed that were not resurrected. They are those who were “alive and remain” at Messiah’s coming (1 Thess 4:17). Yeshua has returned to heaven without them for now. At the appointed time, they will also die and be resurrected as their brothers were before them.

How can that be true based on the normal interpretation of 1 Cor 15:51,52 and 1 Thess 4:16,17? First, the two references mentioned are the only two passages in all of Scripture that even remotely suggest that there will be people who do not die a physical death. Since that is so and since all other Scriptural references to death prove it to be appointed to all who ever lived, we must question how those two verses can contradict all other scriptures on the subject. The false belief that some saints will not die, but will be transformed alive is a crucial obstacle to accepting the belief that Messiah returns twice, once to resurrect the dead and again to set up the Kingdom. Therefore, I will go into some depth next time to prove it false.

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